Just Keep Buying (The Book)

Say it with me:

Just. Keep. Buying.

These three words could change your life. These three words could make you rich. But before I tell you how, let me explain how these three words changed my life.

Five years ago today I published a blog post called Just Keep Buying. The post became my most popular post ever (at the time) and set me on a journey to understand how people actually built wealth. I didn’t want to theorize or guess about how people got rich. I wanted to prove it with data.

So I spent years running the numbers on various topics in personal finance and investing only to come to some startling conclusions:

  • You are probably saving too much.
  • Cutting spending isn’t a reliable way to build wealth.
  • Debt (even credit card debt) isn’t always bad.
  • “Buying the dip” is a foolish investment strategy.
  • You probably should not max out your 401(k).

And much more.

After years of research I realized that a lot of what we hear in the personal finance and investing space isn’t based on data and evidence, but belief and conjecture. So, I had to set the record straight. I compiled my most impactful work over the years, dug a bit deeper, and created a simplified, practical approach to managing your money.

The end result is my new book, Just Keep Buying. And, as of today, you can buy it on Amazon, Audible, and at other online retailers:

Just Keep Buying book cover by Nick Maggiulli.

Ultimately, Just Keep Buying is a data-driven guide to your finances. It’s about proven ways to save money and build your wealth.

However, despite my focus on data, the book is not overflowing with dull spreadsheets and boring statistics. Instead, it’s filled with stories and anecdotes from my life and from around the world. It’s accessible to the point where your grandmother could read it. In fact, my 75 year-old grandmother did read it, and she understood the vast majority (>70%) of the material.

More importantly, Just Keep Buying provides actionable takeaways that you can start using in your financial life right away. Just got a big raise and need to figure out how much of it (%) you should save? Just Keep Buying has the answer. Need to buy a house but don’t know how to save up for a down payment? Just Keep Buying has got you covered.

For those that have never read my work before, you’ll see some of my best financial research of the past half decade. And for those that have been following my work for years, you’ll get to read about things that I have never written on publicly before including: how to think about debt, should you rent or buy your own home, when to sell your assets, and much more.

The book isn’t long. It’s 274 pages (22 chapters) and broken into two sections—Saving & Investing. I structured the book in this way to help you save time. I’d rather you skip around and find something valuable than stop reading altogether. Either way, I’m confident you’ll find something to help improve your finances (or your life). Buy it now and find out.

For international readers, the book is currently available in the UK, most of Europe, Australia, and parts of Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore). Also, future releases are planned for India (May 5, 2022), Korea, and China.

Thank you for reading!

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